Each of my inspirations is a result of a fascination with the world around me. Sometimes it is form which enthrals me, or shape, at other times – material. When at the stageof experimentation I manage to combine several values, a design comes into being with which I am content. So it is with the design for the BOW handle. The potential offered by a seemingly banal section of metal flat suggests several, even a dozen or more, conceptions for form. The BOW design combines within it the delicate nature of the ribbon used to tie a bow with the strength and energy necessary to twist a metal element. Two different worlds: strength and speed, fragility and tranquillity are natural working environments for the object that is the door handle. There are moments in which we carefully and quietly close the door to a room and those in which we seize a handle vigorously, expecting immediate obedience and rapid action. The BOW handle is characterized by simplicity, elegance and exceptional care for detail while respecting the principles of ergonomics.